Sunday, March 10, 2013

[For Sale] SEIKO Ananta SRQ015

Now these watches are a bit more of what I think of when someone says to me "urushi painted dial." As a follow-up to the Ananta Urushi Diver from last year, Seiko has released two new urushi watches for 2012. This time they remedied one of the principle issues of last year's limited edition urushi watch. See those red stripes on the Ananta Limited Edition Kumadori Chronograph dial? Well those are hand-painted in urushi lacquer - a special natural lacquer from a tree in Japan. I am not actually sure about the rest of the dial. Why is this important? Mainly because there is a very clear idea that something is special about the dial.

The Ananta Urushi Diver from last year had an urushi dial that looked basically black. Unless you knew it was done in urushi or looked really close - it would be difficult to know anything was special about it. Sure the person wearing it would know, but when you include something really nice like a hand-painted urushi dial, it is probably a good idea to make sure you can tell it apart from other dials. The Kumadori name also has to do with a type of face paint applied to actors in Japanese Kabuki performances.
The Seiko Ananta Limited Edition Kumadori Chronograph (SRQ015) will be limited to 800 pieces and be offered globally at a price of 4,000 Euros. There is also this other model which apparently is Japan market only (update, this other model will be available in the US as well and is known as the ref. SSD001). Note that in the US the "Brightz" name is not used. This retro 70s style chronograph also uses urushi on the dial and is the Seiko Ananta Brightz Limited Edition 2012 Chronograph (ref. SAEH011). Also limited to 800 pieces, it uses the Seiko caliber 6S28 automatic chronograph movement. This is similar to the 8R28 but with a different layout. The movement has horizontal clutch (swing pinion) and column wheel for the chronograph.

SEIKO Ananta SRQ015


Chronograph up to 12 hours. 28,000 vibrations per hour
Power reserve: over 45 hours
34 jewels. 304 parts
Column wheel and vertical clutch
One-piece three point hamer for instant reset
Sapphire crystal with Seiko's proprietary super clear, anti-reflective coating. See through case back with sapphire crystal
Limited Edition.

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