Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[SOLD] BNIB Grand Seiko Historical Collection SBGW047 [Thanks Mr. J]


The re-creation of a Grand Seiko classic.
In celebration of 100 years of Seiko watchmaking, a Grand Seiko classic is back. In 1967, when the 44GS first appeared, it established a new look for the collection as it was the first Grand Seiko watch to embody and express the design ideas that a young designer had recently defined for the brand. When the very first Grand Seiko watch was created in 1960, its sights had been set on the purely functional goals of precision, practicality and comfort, and its appeal rested on the engineering excellence of the movement. In the early 1960's, a young university graduate who had recently joined the company saw that this focus on movement engineering was not enough. As he studied the watches on display at the Wako luxury specialty store in Tokyo, he realized that Seiko needed to create watches which sparkled more brilliantly and he determined to set a style for the brand. He invented the “grammar of Seiko design” and the 44GS was the first watch designed to this new specification. The distinctively sober, but sparkling, look of Grand Seiko was born

A uniquely Seiko aesthetic.
The “Grand Seiko Style” is at once typically Japanese and yet unique to Seiko. In its serenity, it reflects the subtle and restrained sense of beauty that Japanese culture values most highly. However, this calm quality to the design is complemented with a very strict insistence in every detail on the pure essentials of watchmaking: precision, durability and legibility. The combination of these ideas is at the heart of the Grand Seiko aesthetic. The watches gleam brightly and yet are restrained and refined. At the cornerstone of the “Grand Seiko style” is the aesthetic consciousness in Japan of the beauty of light. The Japanese treasure the subtle gradation of the infinite number of shades between light and dark. This is why, for example, Japanese forms such as folding screens and shoji (paper screens) are made of what seem to be simple, straight lines and flat surfaces, but in fact are constructed in such a way that they make possible a wide variety of shades of interwoven light and dark depending on the place and the time. The radiance of every Grand Seiko watch is also attained through this unique Japanese aesthetic consciousness, and consequently while simple, is highly distinctive with its distortion-free polishing adding sharpness to every light reflection.

SBGW047 Limited Edition


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