Monday, February 26, 2018

[For Sale] Brand New Grand Seiko Asia Limited Edition SBGJ225 Kasuri

Most of the popular Grand Seiko are the GMT models, which add a very useful complication to the always appealing Grand Seiko aesthetic. Its one Green Dial Limited Edition Hi-Beat GMT watch Grand Seiko SBGJ005 becomes a favourite but also win the award in Geneve. Now SEIKO launched a new blue dial Hi-Beat GMT with a dial treatment that was inspired by Japanese Weaving Technique called ‘Kasuri’, Grand Seiko SBGJ225.

Kasuri itself is derived from the Japanese word, ‘kasuseru’ meaning ‘blurred’ because of the innate tendency for Kasuri design to appear splashed and blurry.

It is very hard to desricbe the color of the dial. The dial is incredibly dynamic, in low light the dial will appear as dark blue, in distant the dial will appear as black, however if the light is sufficient enough the dial will appear as light blue and the Kasuri pattern is very clear.

Grand Seiko SBGJ225 - Low light condition

Kasuri Pattern Photo - Sufficient Light Condition

The Macro Shot of Grand Seiko SBGJ225 'Kasuri'

How to set the GMT hand on this Grand Seiko GMT watches is  you pull out the crown to the first position – this does not stop the watch, in this case – and turn the crown in order to set the primary hour hand forwards or backwards in one hour jumps. As the hour hand passes midnight, the date switches, either forwards or backwards. The 24-hour hand can now be used to read off home time (AM or PM can easily be seen) and since the watch doesn't stop when the primary hour hand is re-set, there's no need to resynchronize the watch to a time standard.

The Grand Seiko SBGJ225 is a limited edition to 250 pcs, and only sold in Asia. This watch is a 40mm x 14.4 mm watch, with a stainless steel case and bracelet, finished with Grand Seiko’s Zaratsu polishing and using calibre 9S86, 55 hours power reserve. It’s definitely an excellent option to obtain GMT watches under $10.000, with a dial that resemblence the traditional japanese Kasuri weaving method. 

We believe this piece will be sold out very fast, as this is only limited in Asia only. Back to the initial launched of SBGE029 (GMT Asia Limited Edition to 100 pcs), it was sold out pretty fast, hence after almost 1 year since its initial launched, this model SBGE029 gained many positive demand and feedback.

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